Hindhead Dental Clinic Fee List
With the exceptions of exams, x-rays and consultations, these fees are intended as a guide only. A written treatment estimate will be provided by your dentist or specialist according to your individual needs.

Private Fees


Members Fees


Adult Exam £60.00 Included in plan
Child Exam £25.00 Not included
Young Adult Exam (18-21) £36.00 Not included
Hygienist Visit (30 min appointment) £70.00 Included in plan
Hygienist Visit under 18 years old (30 min appointment) £43.00 Not included
Hygienist Visit under 12 years old (20 min appointment) £36.00 Not included
Hygienist Visit (45 Min Appointment) £105.00 £94.50
Small Exam x-rays (each) £15.00 Included in plan
Small x-rays (each) £15.00 £13.50
Large (Panoral) x-ray £60.00 £54.00
CBCT Scan £150.00 Not included
Consultations: Private Fees Members Fees
Endodontic Consultation £90.00 Not included
Periodontal Assessment And Consultation £120.00 Not included
Full Implant Consultation including study models,

small x-rays & written report where appropriate

£180.00 Not included
Variable Fees: Private Fees Members Fees
Extractions From £175.00 From £157.00
Amalgam Fillings From £100.00 From £90.00
Composite (White Fillings) From £100.00 From £90.00
Composite Veneers (per tooth) From £250.00 From £225.00
Crowns From £950.00 From £550.00
Veneers From £950.00 From £855.00
Teeth Whitening (home bleaching) From £450.00 Not included
Teeth Whitening (in surgery zoom including take-home kit) £750.00 Not included
Root Canal Treatments: Private Fees Members Fees
Incisor / Canine From £450.00 Not included
Pre-Molar From £550.00 Not included
Molar From £750.00 Not included
Re-treatments Individual Quotation Not included
Implants: payable in instalments Private Fees Members Fees
Single Implant (including crown) From £3200.00 Not included
Bone Graft From £1600.00 Not included
Sinus Lift From £1600.00 Not included
Sedation (per hour) From £250.00 Not included
Six Months Smiles: payable in instalments Private Fees Members Fees
Upper and Lower Arch From £3000.00 Not included
Single Arch From £2000.00 Not included
Clear Aligners Individual Quotation Not included
Practice Plan Membership:
Members of our practice plan membership are entitled to two
dental exams and two 30 minute hygienist visits plus a
members price list which is 10% lower than our standard fee
Per month £24.50