Hindhead Dental Clinic Fee List
With the exceptions of exams, x-rays and consultations, these fees are intended as a guide only. A written
estimate will be provided by your dentist or specialist according to your individual needs.

Private Fees


Practice Plan Membership Fees


Adult Exam £65.00 Included in plan
Young Adult Exam (18-21 years old) £40.00 Not included
Child Exam £30.00 Not included
Hygienist Visit (maintenance appointment) £83.00 Included in plan
Hygienist Visit (enhanced appointment) £125.00 Not included
Hygienist Visit (enhanced + air polish appointment) £166.00 Not included
Hygienist Visit under 12 years old (20 min appointment) £45.00 Not included
Hygienist Visit under 18 years old (30 min appointment) £55.00 Not included
Small Exam x-rays (each) £20.00 Included in plan
Small x-rays (each) £20.00 £18.00
Large (Panoral) x-ray £75.00 £67.50
CBCT Scan £200.00 Not included
Consultations: Private Fees Members Fees
Endodontic Consultation £100.00 Not included
Periodontal Assessment And Consultation £120.00 Not included
Full Implant Consultation including study models,

small x-rays & written report where appropriate

£180.00 Not included
Variable Fees: Private Fees Members Fees
Extractions From £220.00 From £198.00
Amalgam Fillings From £145.00 From £130.50
Composite (White Fillings) From £145.00 From £130.50
Composite Veneers (per tooth) From £275.00 From £247.50
Crowns From £975.00 From £877.50
Veneers From £975.00 From £877.50
Teeth Whitening (home bleaching) From £450.00 Not included
Teeth Whitening (in surgery Zoom, including take home kit) £750.00 Not included
Root Canal Treatments: Private Fees Members Fees
Incisor / Canine From £800.00 Not included
Pre-Molar From £840.00 Not included
Molar From £880.00 Not included
Re-treatments Individual Quotation Not included
Implants: payable in instalments Private Fees Members Fees
Single Implant (including crown) From £3300.00 Not included
Bone Graft From £1800.00 Not included
Sinus Lift From £1800.00 Not included
Sedation (per hour) From £300.00 Not included
Six Months Smiles: payable in instalments Private Fees Members Fees
Upper and Lower Arch From £3000.00 Not included
Single Arch From £2000.00 Not included
Out of Hours Private Fees Members Fees
Call Out Fee Evenings* £150 Not included
Call Out Fee Bank Holiday’s and Weekends* £150 Not included
*The cost of your treatment will be added to the call out fee
Practice Plan Membership:
Members of our practice plan membership are entitled to two
dental exams and two 30 minute hygienist visits plus a
members price list which is 10% lower than our standard fee
Per month £25.00
Cancellation Policy

We request 48 hours’ notice of cancellation, otherwise a fee may be charged for our loss of valuable surgery
time. This will be calculated at 100% of the fee revenue which we would expect to earn from this appointment.
However, if the space can be utilised, the fee will be reduced accordingly.

Failure to attend an appointment will be charged at the full rate.