Crowns, Bridges, Dentures

What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial restoration that is cemented over the prepared part of a natural tooth or implant to make it stronger and to mimic the shape of a natural tooth.

Crowns are generally tooth coloured to match the rest of your natural teeth. They sometimes have a core made of metal to give added strength. However, increasingly crown are made from modern materials that are metal free.

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is used to replace 1 or more missing teeth. It is secured at one or both ends by a crown.

Bridges are tooth coloured and are usually made from porcelain or a tooth-coloured composite in a dental laboratory.

How are crowns and bridges prepared?

These procedure are usually completed in two visits. The first appointment the dentist will prepare your teeth under local anaesthetic and remove the same amount of tooth material as the thickness of the crown or bridge. Impressions will be taken at this appointment and sent to a dental laboratory for the crown or bridge to be made. Between appointments a temporary crown or bridge will be fitted to protect the tooth and the permanent restoration will be fitted about 2 weeks later.

What is the cost of this treatment?

This can be found on our current fee guide

What is a denture?

Full or Partial Dentures are usually recommended when you have a number of missing teeth.

They are made from either acrylic or cobalt-chromium alloy.

Dentures are not like they use to be, they look and fit far better than you would expect and can be removed for easy cleaning.

How is a denture made?

You will need approximately 4 short appointments to complete a denture.

Impressions are taken at the first and second appointment. You will then have a ‘try in’ stage where you can visually see what your denture will look like and any alterations can be made and the last appointment is when you can take your new denture home.

It is very common for adjustment appointments to be needed after your new denture is fitted.

Are there any other options to replace missing teeth?

If you are not keen on a denture, we do offer implant treatment to replace missing teeth.

What is the cost of this treatment?

This can be found on our current fee guide.